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And now, a little musical interlude...

Indulge me, folks...I feel a song comin' on.

To the tune of "Singin' in the Rain":

He's sinkin' down the drain,

Just sinkin' down the drain!

How dreadful for Dubya,

He's muffed it again!

Too little, too late--

See, that's how you rate

When you leave poor folks to a mis'rable fate!

Let the stormy clouds chase

All the rich from the place--

You've still got the poor, and they'll be your disgrace!

How many have drowned?

They've not yet been found!

There's still lots of water all over the ground.

Yes, life's such a pain

Full of wind, storms and rain...

When you're sinkin', just sinkin'

Down the drain!

Don't applaud, just throw money at the victims. Please.