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I see London, I see France...

I see Condi's desperate to do SOMETHING to revive her flagging credibility:

Condi turns flasher!

Unfortunately, it'll only work on the Republican pervert crowd. Who are already sold and think she can do no wrong.

Too bad for all of them; Chavecito is still not interested!


You know I've always noticed her doing that. And even though you're probably being sarcastic I think that is in part what she is doing.

Well, I'm only half being sarcastic...I think she IS desperate to gain a semblance of credibility. Lord knows she hasn't had any for as long as she's been in business. Josef Kalvoda, for example, pointed out that she's woefully ignorant on the subject (the Czechs) of her own Ph.D. thesis, of all things!

I heard in a bar in san francisco (ok, not the most relliable place) that she is gay, and has a partner. Apparently all kept super secret. Not like the laptop media would be curious...

You know, that wouldn't entirely surprise me. The entire Republican party is full of self-haters of all stripes. They have Uncle-Tom blacks, homophobic gays, Torquemada Gonzales whose grandfather was probably an illegal immigrant, etc. One more deep-closeted lesbian--shoot, what difference would it make to the Grand Ol' Party of Hypocrisy, where no one is what they present themselves as being?