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Je proteste!

Condi the bass-ackward Mountie

Now, this is NO way to portray a Mountie. Quite aside from the fact that Condi stands for just about everything unCanadian and couldn't get her man if you dropped him smack on his ass in front of her, I take umbrage at this on the grounds that Mounties only ride black horses. (It goes better with the red serge. No, I'm not kidding.)


Condoleezza plans to swoon both sides of this Israeli-Lebanon conflict with a piano recital. That makes sense. Neither side is the old Soviet Union so she has to use the only other expertise she has. LOL Maybe Bush will throw a "Save the Semites" concert next?

I hope he remembers that Arabs are Semites too!

we miss you at the malloy board. how dare they ban you

Well, they have something up their butts, apparently.

Oh well, not to worry, I'll be back!