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Festive Left Friday Blogging: What a popular victory looks like...

...in Caricuao, Caracas:

And here's how it looks in La Carucie├▒a, Barquisimeto:

And this is what the formal part looks like:

All in all, it looks rather lovely.


How sweet it is! 'Bina, you find the most awesome video clips, which is why we all love to visit.

Bina, I ran into a middle class Venezuelan couple at the Home Depot yesterday.

Suffice it to say that we started to debate about the merits of the Bolviarian government.

He stated that the plight of the majority and the poor had not improved since Chavez came on the scene.

I bet him $1,000.00 that poverty has gone down significantly during Chavez's tenure as president. Of course the man didn't take me up on the bet.

Just like the capitalist-aligned middle classes everywhere--they are enthralled by oligarch talking points, and they are too lazy to dig deeper behind the wall of corporate propaganda.

Pathetic, undemocratic bastards.

Slave, I'm not surprised that they wouldn't take you up on that bet. That guy might not know a lot, but he at least knew one thing: He'd lose $1000! And he'd rather walk away with his manufactured stupidity intact than risk being pried from that much cash. Like I said in the post before this one, the "educated" classes are stupid when it comes to money. They'd rather slit their throats altogether by trusting it to a hinky banker in Antigua, than sit down with the taxman and give a pint to save their country's life. So, that guy's mentality doesn't surprise me. I'm certain that all those escualidos in South Florida aren't there because of any real oppression, or to find jobs to support family back home like the local Bolivarians, but because they pay fewer taxes there. They'd rather have more to throw away on frivolous shit--or overpriced real estate. And the public systems in Florida, as a result, are exactly what they deserve. Underfunded and shoddy.

Oh well. Venezuela will get along fine without them. These videos have me firmly convinced of that.