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July 31, 2009

Honduras: Tell me it's not fascism


Private property is protected, human rights are rejected, disrespected, and neglected. This pic just says it all, eh?

Meanwhile, here's a quick round-up of some interesting bits and pieces:

Venezuelan photographer Wendy Olivo reports that human rights abuses are rampant. The coup's military enforcers actually told some of their indigenous victims (and I quote): "You're not people." In Spanish.

British journalist/activist Calvin Tucker, writing for 21st Century Socialism, also reports human rights abuses. He accompanied the caravan carrying Honduran first lady Xiomara Castro de Zelaya toward the Nicaraguan border and saw a number of frightening things: soldiers in ski masks, and snipers running through the hills. Tucker puts the dirty lie to the putschists' claim that there is no repression going on. Well, I guess not--if by "people" they mean only the upper classes (as the soldiers in Olivo's harrowing experiences apparently did.)

Machetera posts the first part of a two-parter dissecting ex-Cuban Cold War crazyman Otto Reich and his (key) role in the Honduran coup. Also guest-starring the infamous Robert Carmona, ex-Venezuelan anti-Chavecito putschist crazyman. Lots of handy-dandy info there on two shitbirds you'll see cropping up again and again wherever Latin America is going off the rails. Also goes into the parallels between what happened to Zelaya, to Chavecito and to Jean-Bertrand Aristide of Haiti. And no, none of them are coincidences!

There's been another death in the repression. YVKE Mundial (of Venezuela) reports that a schoolteacher named Roger Abrahan Vallejo was shot when police and soldiers, evidently acting together and on orders from you-know-where, fired on unarmed pro-democracy (and pro-Zelaya) demonstrators. This brings the known death toll to three so far, although there might well be more that we simply don't know of yet. So far, according to YVKE, there are 88 injured and around 1200 being held prisoner. Witnesses say that helicopters and tanks were used to fire on demonstrators, and that police pelted the crowds with rubber bullets and tear gas in an attempt to intimidate them and drive them away. A priest named Andrés Tamayo is quoted as saying that the agression began around mid-morning, when helicopters launched tear-gas grenades. He is also quoted directly: "They are using all kinds of brutality. They don't care about the people", because in Honduras "there is no law anymore." Report in Spanish.

It looks bad, but something must be getting to someone, because YVKE also reports that "Goriletti" is now threatening to withhold wages from anyone caught demonstrating against his fascist fake government. The subititle says it all: "Goriletti is desperetti"--hilarious! Meanwhile, on a more serious note, Xiomara Castro is now headed back to Tegucigalpa, unfortunately minus her husband. In Spanish.

The legitimate president, meanwhile, has come out publicly with what any honest observer already knows to be the case: "Venezuela has not interfered in Honduras in any way". Great, now tell it to the media crapagandisti!

And finally, yesterday, President Zelaya also announced that he is forming a "popular army" of supporters to try, once more, to return to Honduras, this time with the protection of his own people. Let's hope it works this time.

Stay tuned...

Festive Left Friday Blogging: Evo fashion watch, part umpteen

So there I was, sifting through the Evo-pix on ABI's website this week, when something caught my eye:


He's wearing something I've never seen before. What IS that, anyway?


Oh, c'mon, Evo, don't be shy...let's have a good look at it...


Ah! Now I know what that is. It's a new jacket! Hmmmm...subdued houndstooth check, casual cut, with aguayo trim around the neckband and front...unusual combo, but it works. Goes great with the striped sweater, too.

Me likey.

Chavecito puts the chill on Colombia

"Played around when I was gone

Then I got hip to what went on

When I returned I left no doubt

I kept my cool and threw you out

And now you come with heart in hand

You're beggin' me to understand

I see you're ripe for what's in store

And now's my chance

To even the score..."

--Toronto, "Even the Score"

Oh, Colombia. It sure must suck to be you. Your main industries are cocaine and bananas, both of them coming at the cost of massive human suffering and inescapable poverty; your human rights record is shit; your president is a dead drug lord's bestest pal; your foreign minister is a twat who looks like Tucker Carlson, minus the silly bowtie. You're mired in a civil war with no end in sight; it's a toss-up who's the bigger terrorist, the leftist guerrillas plaguing you still after all these decades, or the right-wing paramilitaries created to fight them. (Oh, fuck the toss-up. It's the paras, all the way.) Your reputation couldn't be worse; when you're not exporting crappy bananas and nose-powder to the folks up here, you're exporting violence and paramilitarism to your neighbors. Mexico and Panama, both of them not exactly untroubled by corruption and crime, are looking at you and snickering. Even Peru, that "investment grade" slag pit, looks good compared to you.

Poor Colombia, you sure must be desperate to buff up your image on the international stage. And glory be, your old pals in Washington have come through. Five new US military bases, plus all the hardware that goes with 'em! That oughta bump up the GDP (pay no attention to all those miserable, hounded, short-lived slum dwellers behind the curtain.) Plus, you get to help Uncle Sam terrorize and dominate the entire region. Yay! You're golden.

Well, not quite. I've already noted that Ecuador isn't in any hurry to re-establish diplomatic relations with you, onaccounta you bombed them on March 1, 2008, killing one of their citizens in an unauthorized cross-border raid on a FARC camp. Guess you couldn't be troubled with the niceties of saying to El Ecuadorable, "Hey, dude, you got some of our cooties in the Sucumbios region. Could you please be a dear and hand them over to us?" No, you just had to go barging in there, with Yankee guidance (natch!) and bomb the living fuck out of the place. Not smart.

And now, with all the ugly accusations you're leveling against Venezuela, look what's going on. Chavecito, like his Ecuadorian compadre, isn't taking your shit lying down...

He's pulling Venezuelan diplomats out of Colombia and putting the deep freeze on relations. Ouch! Last time he did that, it was because you forgot your manners and sent your agents into Caracas to haul out a FARC guy who happened to be staying there. As in the case of Ecuador, you could have asked nicely for an extradition, and he would have complied. But oh, noooooo...you just had to go put your foot in it, eh?

Well, here you go: the Big Guy deals in consequences, and as a consequence for your bad faith, you get your mellow all harshed on. Not only is he chilling relations, he's also mulling a shut-down of the gasoduct that he was so willing to help you guys build. That's gotta hurt, but don't worry about the rest of South America--they can always get gas from Venezuela--or Bolivia, which has way more of it than you, and a much better president to boot.

And just to add insult to injury, check out Chavecito's demeanor in the videos above. Calm, rational, intelligent as he explains at length why he's doing it. Doesn't look at all like the wild-eyed demagogue the lamestream media like to make him out to be. Sure must suck to be them, too. Ever wonder why they're bleeding so much cash lately? (Hint: it's the product, stupid.)

Speaking of bleeding cash, though, guess who's not doing it? Yep, that's right...Venezuela. Spain just signed an energy accord with them, one agreeing to the nationalization of a Repsol-owned plant, no less. And there wasn't a word of boo (or boohoo) in it over Colombia. So Chavecito must be doing something right.

Doesn't suck to be him. Doesn't suck to be a Chavista, either. But it sure must suck to be his enemy.

July 30, 2009

FARC denies financing Correa campaign; "smoking gun" video is a fake


Oh look, I found another bomb-proof magic laptop in a FARC camp! And look, there's video in it proving that the FARC financed the election campaigns of Hugo Chávez, Rafael Correa, and a host of other leftist LatAm leaders...

Well, no. Actually, I found no such laptop. But then, neither did those who put out the same claim...and how do we know? The FARC have put out a communiqué denouncing the bullshit:

The gringo military invasion.

1. The presidential authorization for installing 5 new US military bases in Colombian territory is an act of high treason against our homeland, an affront to the dignity of the nation, and to the memory of all the martyrs of Bolívar's army of liberation, who gave their lives struggling against the colonial imperial yoke and for independence.

2. After the all-around failure of Plan Colombia and the increasing anti-colonial sentiment running through Latin America, there is no doubt that this new phase of the gringo invasion has as its principal target the revolutionary insurgency, which in time will become the bridgehead of a war, directed by Washington, against governments, countries and fellow peoples who are fighting for a sovereign development and for the integration of Latin America.

3. The announcements of the escalation of the US invasion of Colombia come in the midst of new corruption scandals by the Uribe gang in the Nariño palace, corrupt officials who shame our country before the world and who fill future generations with rage and indignity by way of the bloodthirsty mentality, the cynicism, the avarice and the impudence which characterize the mafia governing the country today.

4. As a new smokescreen and an act of aggression against the president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, Washington and Bogotá manipulated a FARC video, taking it out of context. We categorically deny having sent money to any electoral campaign in any neighbor country.

5. Our resolve to strive for a democratic peace and a New Colombia is stronger than ever. The people of Colombia and all of Latin America and the Caribbean will know how to respond, as our history has shown, to this new aggression of the empire of the north and its lackeys.

Translation mine. Italics added for emphasis.

Now, you can think what you like of the FARC and their methods, but I'd say this analysis of the situation is bang on. There is indeed a campaign afoot in Washington and Bogotá to depose a legitimate leader, using the dirtiest of smear tactics.

Rafael Correa, alias El Ecuadorable, has been an incredibly effective president. He beat out Washington's hand-picked candidate--a crooked old banana baron who, it turns out, not only tried repeatedly (without success) to buy his way into power, but apparently thought he could also buy the right to sexually abuse an innocent woman. Correa's reign has stabilized a notoriously "unstable" Ecuador. He's remained in power with no signs of an ouster in sight; he is popular among his people, handily beating out every neoliberal candidate touted by Washington to oppose him; he's strengthened ties with other Latin American leaders via Mercosur, Unasur and the ALBA. He's even been good for his nation's finances, something socialists are not supposed to be, according to all the crapitalist dogma we've been hearing ever since the Russian revolution (if not longer.)

And we all know that if socialists don't fail as they're supposed to, crapitalists will do whatever it takes to make them fail (or, failing that, kill them.) So, it's no wonder someone is trying to drag El Ec down using whatever they think will do the trick. Ergo: Magic Colombian laptops, anyone?

Only one problem with this little rat-fuck: the video in question is a pretty transparent forgery. Obscurantism: now available in handy video format.

Meanwhile, speaking of transparency, look who's committed to it, and why:

This Wednesday, the government of Ecuador handed over to its Attorney General's office a document which, presumably, was part of the diary of "Raúl Reyes", the second-in-command of the FARC, who died during a bombing raid by Colombia on Ecuadorian territory on March 1, 2008.

During a press conference, the minister of the interior, Gustavo Jalkh, and the chancellor, Fander Falconí, explained that they did not attribute "either truth or falseness" to the document, but that they were handing it over to the "competent authority" to offer "total transparency", and to take "appropriate juridical measures."

The authorities handed over to the media copies of the manuscript, which, presumably, had been the personal diary of FARC commander Raúl Reyes. They also sent a copy to the Organization of American States (OAS).

The alleged diary makes reference to the former Ecuadorian minister Gustavo Larrea, who publicly admitted having met with the guerrilla leader in an effort to arrange a humanitarian prisoner-swap in an undisclosed location, and to the ex-undersecretary of Government, José Ignacio Chauvín, who is under investigation for suspected connections to narcotrafficking.

Also, the document records Reyes's activities in chronological order.

In the manuscript, Reyes also mentions retired colonel Jorge Brito, accused by Colombia of having received money from the guerrillas, and a certain "Doctor Ayala", who is not identified further.

"President Correa never sent any type of emissary, in any manner, in any connection to the events related herein," said minister Jalkh, adding that the intent is to "analyze the document for evidence that it is attributable to Raúl Reyes, and to see if what it says is true."

The minister added that the Ecuadorian goverrnment "could not keep to itself a document of this nature, and this demonstrates a profound commitment to truth, justice and the right we all have to be duly informed and, above all, seriously informed."

Translation mine.

Consider yourselves now duly and seriously informed. Which is more than you'd ever be if you relied on the lamestream media for this story.

PS: For more due and serious information, see also this Venezuelanalysis story.

July 29, 2009



July 28, 2009

Bolivia: Evil exile Goni is financing opposition parties


There's a reason for this graffiti, folks...actually, more like 68 (dead) and 40 (injured) reasons...and now the assassin is sending Yankee greenbacks to the enemies of Evo. Um...isn't this brand of "democracy" illegal?

As the Bolivian general elections of December draw nearer, candidates of the opposition have been receiving financing from ex-president Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada, accused of genocide and exiled in the United States, according to denunciations this week from the Bolivian government.

The vice-president of Bolivia, Alvaro García, declared to Radio Fides that these candidates, without any definite platform, "want to confront Evo Morales at the polls, but with money from a man responsible for the deaths of 68 persons and 40 wounded" in the political repression of October, 2003.

"These candidates, who are the residue of that same administration, only want to return Sánchez de Lozada to power," said García.

García Linera made these statements during a meeting with miners, in which he revealed that Germán Antelo, candidate for the Nationalist Revolutionary Movement (MNR) is one of those candidates.

The election of Antelo, a doctor who currently presides over the politico-business organization, the Comité Pro Santa Cruz, the most radical of the anti-Evo opposition movements, has caused a schism in the MNR.

Vice-President García Linera also identified the leader of the New Republican Force (NFR), the recalled ex-prefect of Cochabamba, Manfred Reyes Villa, who was an ally of Sánchez de Lozada when he ordered the massacre of protesters in El Alto, October 2003.

García also identified Víctor Hugo Cárdenas, Sánchez's former vice-president (1993-97), who destroyed the country by handing over its petroleum deposits to transnational corporations. He also identified Alejo Véliz, a Quechua farmworkers' leader, who was a deputy for the NFR, the party that governed in coalition with Sánchez de Lozada when "he betrayed the confidence of the peasant sector."

"They have the right to challenge Evo Morales in the electoral arena," said García Linera of the opposition candidates, "but the people also have a right to know who they are."

Translation mine.

And who are they? Apparently, a downright bunch of crooks. Just the sort of people one expects to see running (unsuccessfully, I might add) against an overwhelmingly popular leader. Barring some total catastrophe, Evo's re-election is gonna be a walk-through. He probably won't really need to campaign, but I'm sure he will--just because the man, unlike most Bolivian politicos, actually believes in doing his duty.

Four breakfasts, please...

...for these two fat fascist fucks meeting today in Peru:


Yep, that's right...El Gordo passes muster with the certifiably insane Avigdor Lieberman, who loves him anyone who'll oppress and slander innocent indigenous people. Twobreakfasts fits that bill, you betcha.

Honduran media invent two US senators


"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"

Three days ago, the sharp-eyed Revolter at BoRev was flummoxed by a supposed US senator he couldn't account for in a Honduran press article. Well, last night it came out in Venezuela's alternative-media site, Aporrea, that the questionable man (named Tom Dime) does not exist...except in the malarial fever-swamp of a few pressmen's brains down on the Mosquito Coast:

For the oligarchic press in Latin America, the lies seem to be limitless. In the case of the Honduran media, the lies are so infamous that they lack all connection to any reality, including the fiction of democracy that they themselves invented.

This weekend, they lied deliberately in claiming that "United States senators came to Honduras to meet with functionaries of the government". The supposed senators were Tom Dime and Brian Bilbray. However, neither of them is listed on the official website of the US Senate as members of that legislative body.

To give some benefit of the doubt to the information divulged by the putschist newspaper El Heraldo, let's also investigate the website of the House of Representatives, where we succeed in finding Bilbray, but there still is no one by a name even resembling that of Tom Dime--that is, the Honduran media invented a United States senator.

We have no doubt that those persons are in agreement with the Micheletti dictatorship, but we are certain that neither is a senator, as the nefarious Honduran fiction media claim. According to the Honduran press, Bilbray and Dime were supposedly received by Micheletti in the government house. Did Micheletti, in the midst of all the illegality surrounding him, decide as well to launch a coup d'état in the US Senate and designate Tom Dime as a member of that organism?

It appears that Charlie Christ, the governor of Florida, is also involved in this combination of visits arranged by Micheletti and the ultra-reactionary US congress member Connie Mack, in order to try to tive some kind of legitimacy to the usurper's régime.

The putschist media of Honduras apparently can't organize the farce well, and that Tom Dime guy apparently will have to remain a fantasy, even as in the newspaper La Prensa they announced that he had arrived in Tegucigalpa but was not seen in any meeting with dictator Micheletti: "Tom Dime, of the same party, also attended, but was not seen meeting with Micheletti."

If they were to write an examination over the use of lies and fictional realities, the communication media allied with the dictatorial régime of Micheletti would no doubt pass with flying colors.

Translation mine; links as in original article.

So, what have we got here? Looks like a small, pathetic handful of the usual right-wing congresscretins, mainly from Florida, trying to legitimize the illegitimate yet again in some squalid-ass corner of Latin America. This time, the effort was particularly pitiful--they couldn't even rustle up a single senator willing to put his name to the farce. So they invented two--borrowing one from the House of Representatives, and the other from Oz.

If I ever go to an art auction, I'll be sure to take Revolter along. He's got a good eye for the forgeries.

Now, if only we knew who "Feneton Biltreid" (apparently of California) was.

Oh noes! Hezbollah is in Venezuela! 11111Eleventy-one!!!!

Or at least, so says Avigdor Lieberman--a highly paranoid nutcase who seems to have hijacked the levers of power in Israel, though he was certainly not elected. Remind you of anyone? Anyhow, for those wondering if there are nefarious Lebanese terrorists on the Guajira peninsula in Venezuela (near the border of Colombia), here's one of the accused to clear the matter up once and for all:

Hi, meet Nicia Maldonado, accused Hezbollah terror cell member. As you can probably see, she's not even remotely Lebanese, much less a Muslim. She is an indigenous Venezuelan Wayúu, and they have their own Earth-based religion that's light years away from middle-eastern Islam. Here are her words on the whole dirty, disgusting schmier:

"This story about the existence of Hezbollah terror cells in Venezuelan territory is one more evidence of an upside-down world, in which Israelis kill Palestinian children and then say that we are the terrorists...I believe that more than an attack, this is the path the empires have taken, above all the terrorists who killed children in Palestine, and who now want to import this terrorism to Latin America, and with the installation of five US bases in South America, they're trying to create an armed environment....However, the Venezuelan people have turned themselves into the vanguard of revolutions in Latin America, and they must be prepared, above all in the social movements, to stand up against this attack against the peace and tranquility of this region."

Translation mine.

BTW, there is nothing of human make on the Guajira peninsula except a cluster of indigenous communities. And their worst problem? Getting enough water for their needs, and a clear demarcation of territory between Venezuela and Colombia.

I trust that clears it up...and proves Avigdor Lieberman (and any other racist morons subscribing to this unproven old chestnut) to be definitively full of shit.

July 26, 2009

Spike Lee does the Wrong Thing


Oh, lordy, lordy, good Gordie. What is it with all these Yankee Doodle Dumbasses flying down to Venezuela to pontificate--unimpeded and, strangely, unarrested--about how there's no free speech in that country? Or that free speech is under attack there? Or (insert other ignorant "free speech" blather here)?

Yes, folks, it's happened again. This week's booby-prize winner is none other than Spike Lee--of whom, frankly, one expects much better things than this:

The director didn't directly refer to the dispute in Venezuela, but he said there are "no circumstances" under which news media should be silenced.

Visiting to screen his 1989 film "Do The Right Thing" and met with fans to discuss race relations, his career and the late Michael Jackson, Lee said he is "a firm believer in freedom of speech."

"It's my opinion that there are no circumstances where the media should be shut down," he said to loud applause. "I'm not talking about any country specifically, but globally."


Of course, he would have to pick Venezuela, of all countries, to say that.

And of course, he would have to say it right as Globovisión--Venezuela's shittiest right-wing commercial channel--is coming under well-deserved fire for lying to the people, and for advocating treason and assassination and fascism. (It was one of four major TV channels all advocating for the coup of April 2002, just so's you know. All of which are still broadcasting, although one--RCTV--is now limited to cable and satellite. Its public-airwaves licence was not renewed, owing to numerous violations of Venezuelan broadcast law--many of them dating back long before Chavecito.)

And of course, he would have to say it, coming as he does from a country that has yanked broadcast licences for much, much lesser offences than Globovisión's crimes, as well as busting its own people for exercising their own free speech. (I'm not talking here about racists and Nazis--their speech, ironically, is protected as "free". I'm talking about pacifists. I'm talking about feminists. I'm talking about leftists. I'm talking, in short, about everything that isn't a racist or a Nazi in the US.)

So, here's MY free speech, freely exercised in defence of the right thing, and in denunciation of bullshit:

Hey Spike, why did you say that in Venezuela? What a dumb-ass thing to do. Why don't you go say that in Honduras? It's a much more appropriate venue. They're throwing Venezuelan journalists out of there for exercising not only their freedom of speech, but for supporting it in transmitting the voices of ordinary Hondurans, too. I'm talking here about the journalists of VTV and Telesur, the only channels in all of Latin America that have the cojones to call the coup by its right name, and to transmit pictures the "freedom-loving" coupmongers don't want the rest of the world to see.

For that matter, Spike, if you wanna see how free-speechy your own country really is, just run down Pennsylvania Avenue screaming "Death to the president!" at the top of your lungs. See how far you get with it.

Or, hey...just yell "FIRE!" in a crowded theatre, preferably while one of your own films is showing. See how much applause you get for that exercise of your lungs.

Are those things legal where YOU live, Spike? No? What a surprise.

Where I come from, uttering death threats isn't protected speech. Neither is racism, or sexism, or any other form of bigotry. Nor is yelling "fire" when there's no fire in the building. Here in Canada, stations have lost their broadcast licences for failing to comply with national broadcast standards.

And believe it or not, I'm 100% okay with all of that. I don't consider any of those things to be infringements on my freedom or anyone else's. Where I come from, the right to swing a fist ends where the next person's nose begins. Up here, only the Nazis scream "fascism" when someone deprives them of the privilege (which is not a right) of oppressing others. Which is quite an irony when you think about it.

But such is life in a free country, and Venezuela is, after 40 years of fake democracy, finally free. It has been for the last ten years, when the people themselves rewrote and ratified its constitution. It was they who decided it was a crime to threaten an elected president with death, a crime to forcibly remove him from power and spirit him out of the country, a crime to openly advocate for those things. In that, they've gone your country and mine one better. They exercised their freedom of speech to create, protect and defend their own democracy. They have a perfect right, therefore, to remove from the airwaves any station that offends against that democracy. That shit is NOT free speech, unless you're a fascist or an idiot.

So, Spike, how's about you think about it? Inform yourself as to what's really going on in Venezuela, compare it to what's already happened to various stations all over North America and Europe (without any "free speech" hullabaloo!), and if you're gonna talk about a free press, do it in Honduras. Or in Colombia. That's where the real crying need for free speech is right now.

Go on, Spike. Do the right thing for real.

PS: YVKE Mundial reports that Spike "would like to meet President Chávez". Funny how that never made it into the Dissociated Press's very slanted (read: anti-Venezuelan) piece. Hmmm, do you think someone's using him for propaganda? And Spike, maybe you should do like you said to the Venezuelans to do--attack them using your own voice. Would be a good idea, no?

July 25, 2009

Honduras: It's beginning to look a lot like Chile


...circa mid-September 1973, that is...

The repressive forces of Honduras posted in the El Paraíso region are preparing a sports stadium 8 km away as a holding tank for arrested supporters of the legitimate president, Manuel Zelaya.

The preparations were denounced on Saturday by demonstrator Eddy Guifarro, during a telephone call to Venezuela's Bolivarian News Agency (ABN).

"Very near here, there's a stadium where the national soccer league holds tournaments, and it appears they're preparing it to be used as a place to bring persons they've captured. A moment ago we were watching police agents carrying and distributing tear-gas grenades," Guifarro said.

Translation mine.

Great. Now all we need is for a couple of local, liberal-to-left-leaning gringo expats who write for alternative or indie media to turn up missing (and later dead), and the picture will truly be complete. And the State Dept. will truly have an embarrassment on its hands. Shit, it's only been...what? 35 years?

There's a second part to this piece, which really deserves its own entry, as it shows just what dirty tricks are being used (and what the protestors are doing to foil them):

Guifarro is part of a disciplinary committee created by the demonstrators to detect infiltrators "who tried to bring weapons and suggest to others that they should provoke the police."

At this time, in El Paraíso, there are some 3,000 persons gathered to await the return of President Zelaya, while the police cordon was reinforced to prevent the demonstrators from reaching the Honduras/Nicaragua border.

Yesterday, the constitutional president was on Honduran soil for a few hours, but he returned to Nicaragua due to threats from military putschists.

Guifarro says that the situation was "very calm" during the night, when the mobilized demonstrators remained resistant while some people "tried to cross [the border] in various places, but were stopped in some of them by mountains and hills."

"The police cordon is no longer being reinforced. Five or six police trucks came," Guifarro says.

According to Guifarro, the security forces could be implementing "a joint movement" to hold detainees in military prisons in the zone.

Asked what measures the demonstrators are taking, Guifarro says that "the word, up to the end, is to resist peacefully, because there have been no incidents, except those which they [the military and the police] have occasioned."

Describing the spirit of the people assembled in El Paraíso, Guifarro called it "the best, because there are people who haven't eaten, who've suffered the cold all night, but the people are full of emotion, and more of them keep arriving. There are some who walked three days through the jungle just to get here."

Guifarro added that the "de facto" regime of Roberto Micheletti "is a complete farce", and that he holds him responsible for all the persons taken prisoners, among them several minors.

Again, translation mine.

Let's hope the democratic forces prevail against the coup, so that this nonsense comes to an end BEFORE we see the movie Missing enacted all over again.

UPDATE #1: There are already a number of confirmed deaths being reported in the region. The first to fall is 22-year old Pedro Mandiel Martínez, dead of at least 10 stab wounds. Otto has an excerpt on him in English; for photos of the deceased, see Aporrea. Two close-up shots clearly show bruising on the victim's wrist, consistent with the shape of handcuffs.

UPDATE #2: Venezuelan filmmaker Angel Palacios, best known for his documentary Llaguno Bridge: Keys to a Massacre, reports that Mandiel Martínez's body was "planted" near where demonstrators have gathered, probably in an attempt by police to frame the peaceful protesters as the killers. This sort of thing is very consistent with the Pinochetist strategy of framing leftists as killers and communists, the better to have excuses to round up, torture and massacre them.

Wankers of the Week: Pissing Jesus Off edition


The people listed below don't know it, but the man pictured above was THE original socialist. And that's why he would be SO pissed off at them...

1. The Fucking C Street Mafia. For usurping Jesus's name. Newsflash, folks: You are not the Christ. Hell, you're not even halfway decent Christians. Oh, fuck it--you're not Christians at all, and neither is anyone who voted for you bozos. You don't love God, you don't love your fellow man; all you love is Mammon (why else the attacks on economic justice?). Oh, and you're all going straight to hell, so you can spare the prayers.

2. Sarah Fucking Palin. Why did this bogus maverick quit? It's the ethics scandals, stupid! Funny how it's always the chirrupy, syrupy "Christian" women who turn out to be the sleaziest skanks of all, eh? This one is especially pathetic; not only does she have her own "-gates" site, she can't even own up to her own numerous wrongdoings. And she's still on Twitter as AKGovSarahPalin, even though she's not the AK Gov anymore. Jesus doesn't like people like that!


3. All these fucking wingnutters who were supposed to be meeting in Miami. Is that still on, or is it all kaputsky since their special guest, the car-stealing, coup-mongering general from Honduras, bailed?

4. Mark Fucking Sanford. Why did the C Street hypocrite refuse Obama's economic stimulus money for his state of South Carolina? Oh, probably because he'd have to account for how he spent it...and that would mean fewer first-class visits to his Argentine whore. Not to mention FAR fewer opportunities to claim that Jesus was finally back in control of him. Hey Mark, how about YOU just controlling yourself? What a novel idea. Then Jesus wouldn't be so fucking pissed at you (which he still is--bank on it.)


5. Chip Fucking Pickering. Shit, who needs gays to wreck traditional marriage when you've got hypocritical, sleazy C Street wingnuts whose wives are suing their mistresses?

6. and 7. These two old motherfuckers pictured below:


For all the reasons stated above, and then some.

8. Last but not least, the fucking Roman Catholic church leaders of Honduras. Despite their many and vociferous denials, they are plainly in favor of the coup. Praising it with faint damnation SERIOUSLY pisses Jesus off. So does playing sleazy, anti-Venezuelan politics. Shame on their antidemocratic asses!

And that's it for this week, folks. Go now, and wank no more.

Honduras: one worth a thousand


A woman protests against police repression in Honduras. To me, this one says it all: Things look bad just a few feet behind her, but she's still standing, still defiant, still waiting the forces of dictatorship out. And still hoisting her flag for democracy.

July 24, 2009

Zelaya returns, kinda sorta...

He was able to cross the chained-off border to Honduras from neighboring Nicaragua (and kudos to Daniel Ortega for giving him safe harbor and passage through that country--Augusto Sandino would approve.) In the second video, there's a minor security incident--Zelaya is approached by an unknown but suspicious individual, who, according to this report at YVKE Mundial, was possibly either a soldier or policeman sent by the coupmongers to infiltrate. The posse of Honduran supporters who were with him would not let the stranger get close enough to Zelaya (who wore no bulletproof vest or body armor of any kind) to do him any harm. The stranger retreated back to Honduran territory.

In the end, though, Zelaya returned to Nicaraguan soil, in order to demand to speak to the coup general, Romeo Vázquez, and to wait for the contingent of loyal Honduran soldiers who were supposed to escort him back to his rightful presidential desk. Cojones? Mel Zelaya haz 'em, and they're solid, stainless steel.

Not only that, but according to the documentary on Nicaragua recently screened on La Hojilla (see it here, in the first slot), this represents and interesting and ironic karmic turn. During the '80s, Honduras was used by the US, particularly the CIA and its Contra puppets, as a staging base for anti-Nicaragua, anti-Sandinista military attacks. Now, Nicaragua is turning things around--helping its Honduran neighbors get their democracy back from a bunch of US-backed putschists.

It's amazing and beautiful to see the co-operation and the solidarity between these progressive forces, uniting throughout Latin America. And it's not just between Nicaragua and Honduras, but ALL OVER THE AMERICAS. This illegitimate "de facto government" is getting no recognition ANYWHERE.

The tide is definitely turning on this coup and the putschists are unquestionably losing ground (and face!), but things have not yet reached their climax. Stay tuned.

PS: The OAS's Insulza criticized Zelaya's gutsy move, but the UN's Miguel D'Escoto praised it as "heroic and correct". My money's on the UN--the OAS is too often a puppet to the US, IMNSHO. Ultimately, though, it will be Zelaya--with the backing of his fellow LatAm progressive leaders--who will resolve this matter definitively, and not any Costa Rican toady or US interloper (yes, Hill, this means YOU. STFU!)

PPS: WTF is up with the Honduran Red Cross? Taking the side of the putschists??? Seriously--WTFF?

PPPS: You know that the fit has really hit the shan when Lula of Brazil--Washington's pet "good leftist", in contrast to the "bad" ones in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, etc.--weighs in and pronounces the coup "not to be tolerated". Oops, there goes the neighborhood!

PPPPS: And of course, the MASSES of Hondurans with the social justice movements are being stopped at no fewer than six police checkpoints between Tegucigalpa and the border--no doubt to help prevent them from escorting their president back home and acting as a living suit of body armor for the man who refuses to wear Kevlar. Well, at least none of the federales are dumb enough to try to detain Zelaya. Nope, repression always plays better when it's done only to little "nobodies"--like the majority of Hondurans, say. That way, the media whores can cover it up better and just keep blatting their usual stupid "compromise" crap, no?

Festive Left Friday Blogging: An unlikely hero takes the streets of Caracas

From Venezuela, a cinematic offering that promises to be full of Bolivarian fun:

He's likable, a gentleman, well versed in the ideals of Simón Bolívar, respects traffic lights, and...he's a biker. His name? Libertador Morales, "The Justicer", who will be making the rounds of movie theatres as of July 31, in this year's first showing by the Villa del Cine.

The author and director of this film is Efterpi Charalambidis, a Venezuelan filmmaker whose first feature film is based on the daily reality in which she was born and grew up: the centre of Caracas and its various denizens.

In this scenario, she developed Libertador Morales, a young mototaxista and messenger who is affected by crimes occurring in his neighborhood. So he creates an alter ego: "El Justiciero", and by night, with a black outfit and a fast motorbike, he breaks all the rules to stop a band of thieves terrorizing his community.

This contrast, according to Charalambidis, defines various aspects of this character, who comes into conflict with his concept of justice in assuming this attitude, and must face the consequences it brings.


Regarding the message she wants to send, the filmmaker commented that it's also a reflection on the topic of justice and powerlessness against insecurity, and that she also wanted to vindicate the motorcyclists, given that the public has a negative image of them.

"There are lots of guys like Libertador, I've known them, but the city doesn't put limits on them either and, as I said to one of the actors of the film, the one who plays Libertador's best friend: It's not a case of evil, but of practicality--they have to move by the rhythms of the city."

Translation mine.

Incidentally, there are literally hundreds (or thousands?) of real-life Libertadors buzzing the streets of Caracas on their motorbikes. Not only do they ferry ordinary folks around on their daily errands, they were heroes during the coup of '02, when they became alternative-media messengers who carried the truth about the events--a truth the lamestream media refused to show--from street to street, shouting it from their bikes. They also helped carry the injured to hospital, and were active in the protests against the Carmona dictatorship.

I wonder when and if this film will be made available on DVD up here. I'd love to see it!

July 22, 2009

What the lamestream media STILL isn't showing about Honduras

The National Front of Popular Resistence to the Coup D'état is still going strong, holding assemblies. As you can see, this one was a packed house. These Hondurans are totally opposed to any "reconciliation talks" (which the lamestream media are touting as some kind of Great White Hope) between the legitimate government and these phonies who just antidemocratically installed themselves, with no popular consultation. And they're right: since when can there be any "reconciliation" between those who were democratically elected, and these illegal usurpers? That shit wouldn't fly in North America or anywhere in Europe, so why should Latin Americans have to put up with it?

July 19, 2009

Music for a Sunday: Sing along with Chavecito and El Ecuadorable!

This was too cute not to post. Chavecito can really sing!

July 18, 2009

A few random thoughts on Walter Cronkite


Walter Cronkite announcing the death of JFK. I take off my glasses to you, sir.

A venerable man passed away this week at a venerable age. His name was Walter Cronkite, and he was 92 years old.

Some called him a "Voice of God"--which, for all its reverential implication, simply means a male news reader with a voice that sounds authoritative even when reading off a grocery list. (Canadian actor Lorne Greene--Bonanza's beloved "Pa Cartwright"--was also known as such during World War II, when he worked as a radio announcer for the CBC.)

Walter Cronkite was more than that. When he spoke, he didn't only sound authoritative--he was it. People knew when the war in Vietnam was well and truly lost for the US--it was so because Walter Cronkite took a good hard look at it and declared it unwinnable. His judgment was sound, based not only on casualty reports (the Vietnamese had several times more casualties than their enemy, but that didn't stop them) but on the fact that the US troops knew they were fighting an immoral war based on a lie. Cronkite had the guts to tell that exactly as it was.

Interestingly, he was also right about another war, although this is less well known. (I didn't find out about it till today.) Did you know that he also "called" the War on Drugs? It's true. Unfortunately, his prescience has not shaped public policy nearly as much as it has mirrored public opinion. This failed war still rages, with ugly implications for, among other places, South America. And yes, plenty of lies are being uttered in the service of it. All of them come from lesser journalists.

Interestingly, for a "Voice of God", Walter Cronkite never pretended an impartiality he didn't feel. When John F. Kennedy was killed, Cronkite took off his horn-rims and blinked in pained disbelief, clearly fighting tears. He was not afraid to show emotion, be it grief or--when the Apollo 11 lunar mission took off--jubilation. He felt no obligation to come off as a cypher in the interests of that bogus journalistic ideal, "objectivity". This, too, underscored his authority--it let the audience know it was getting the real deal. When he said "And that's they way it was...", you knew he meant it. The man was avuncular, but he was not bland.

I miss Walter Cronkite terribly. He slowly slid out of the spotlight before I took a serious interest in journalism, and that's too bad. We need more like him today. Unfortunately, the best we had was Dan Rather, and he soiled himself shamefully after 9-11. Would Walter Cronkite have choked like that? Most assuredly not. I like to think he would have followed the truth wherever it led, whomever it inconvenienced and whatever nefarious, costly agenda it would have hurt. Walter Cronkite was no liar, no sellout, no crapaganda whore. He was a journalist's journalist, and while there were precious few of them in his time, there are even fewer of them today.

How I miss him. Oh, how I miss him!

Now THIS makes much more sense!

The Hillary-Matacuras interview, remixed. I think it's much better this way, don't you?

July 17, 2009

Festive Left Friday Blogging: Bicentennial in Bolivia

The capital city of La Paz celebrated its 200th year of independence this past week, and it was a big bash...so big that leaders from all over Latin America came to take part. Check out the luminaries:


El Ecuadorable showed up looking very groovy in his very grooviest shirt. Check out that pose! Do you think he got thunderous applause?


Lugo's spotlight was so bright, he had to wear shades.


The legitimate chancellor of Honduras, Patricia Rodas, also showed up to represent her country. There was understandable pain in her eyes, but she had to know that the good guys were in solidarity.


And of course, Big 'n' Handsome was there, looking like a teddy bear in his cozy red scarf...


There was also an unprecedented military parade in which traditionally-dressed indigenous walked shoulder to shoulder with those in uniform. These well-dressed cholitas carried a banner of a military hero, and a female one at that: Juana Azurduy de Padilla.

But you know who shone the brightest? Take a wild guess...and try not to let your tongue hang out too far:


July 16, 2009

It was 40 years ago today...

...but the Moon Landing has yet to give up a secret or two:


Y'know, I always did suspect...

Meanwhile, the sentiments of W.H. Auden and Anne Sexton are worth reading.

Excuse me, Bill Clinton has an announcement he'd like to make...


Why yes, Mr. Ex-President, you CAN:





For those who are wondering what all the woot-wooting is about, take a look below this entry (and all the others). My in-frickin-GENIOUS best friend finally figured out what was wrong with the comment settings, and straightened it up for me.

You may now comment. But be warned, trolls will get the same treatment as they did before I went on furlough.

Oh yeah, and before I forget:


Chavecito to tour Gaza

From Panorama Digital via Aporrea, a short item:

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, intends to visit the Gaza Strip with the next humanitarian caravan, British parliamentarian George Galloway confirmed yesterday.

"President Chávez will be coming with me," Galloway told Gaza journalists. He did not specify a date.

George Galloway arrived in Gaza yesterday by way of Egypt, accompanied by a shipment of humanitarian and medical aid.

Translation mine.

Watch out for those Israelis! We know what they're like...


July 15, 2009

Stupid Sex Tricks: Some frat boys never grow up


Yes, panty raiders, I'm looking at YOU.

A man has been charged with public intoxication after authorities said he was walking along Highway 11 with a pair of panties hanging out from his unzipped pants. According to The Daily Post-Athenian, 31-year-old man told deputies he had been at a pool party and stole them from a nearby home early Sunday.

A search revealed the man had stuffed some 40 pairs of female undergarments into his pants, although he had thrown most of them to the ground as a deputy approached.

The owner of the garments declined to prosecute but the man was arrested on a charge of public intoxication.

Yeah. Um...yeah.

So what's next, a bra bandit?

Quotable: Bret Gustafson on Che Guevara


"Che was assassinated during his attempt to create 'many Vietnams' on the continent, by launching a revolution in Bolivia. Unable to garner significant local support, Bolivian troops with U.S. Army and CIA backing tracked down Che and his men. Guevara was unceremoniously executed in a burst of machine gun fire in a rural schoolroom and his body was taken to the nearest city and put on display for the public and the press. Briefly useful as a sign of a Bolivia's military success, his corpse was also deeply threatening. It bore the makings of a martyr, a saint, an icon, a call for future generations to emulate revolutionary sacrifice, a call to fearlessly confront death through armed struggle. Che's body was thus quickly disappeared, though this did little to tame the ongoing power of its images."

--Bret Gustafson, "Bolivia 9/11: Bodies and Power on a Feudal Frontier"

July 14, 2009

Honduras coup slideshow

A Venezuelan activist put this together for Aporrea:

The awesome song is Liliana Felipe's anthem, "Nos tienen miedo porque no tenemos miedo" (They Fear Us Because We're Not Afraid). Watch and see what the sanitizing lamestream media are hiding from you!


What's the capital of Honduras again?


"Teguci-coup." "Approved!"

Funny, I thought it was Tegucigalpa. I guess not anymore!


"We will maintain freedom, justice and democracy in Honduras. At the same time, it is necessary for us to do away with freedom, justice and democracy!"

Say, who's in charge there, anyway?


Thought so.

July 13, 2009

Vampire Bat Report


The vampire bat, of the family Desmodontidae, is native to Central and South America. Its human cousin, however, is much more bloodthirsty, as the following stories should show...

First, Honduras. The de-fuckto dictatorship has begun massacring its most outspoken opponents. So far, two leftist leaders are dead. Here's their story, via Aporrea:

The popular leftist militant director, Roger Iván Bados, has been murdered in Honduras by persons unknown in the northern city of San Pedro Sula, according to anti-coup sources on Sunday.

Bados was shot three times around 8:00 pm on Saturday. He was leader of the Popular Bloc and National Resistance Front Against the Coup D'état in San Pedro Sula.

The national co-ordinator of the Bloc and Front, Juan Barahona, made the denunciation to Venezuela's Bolivarian News Agency (ABN), saying he considered the act to be a political assassination.

According to Barahona, a man on a bicycle stopped near Bados's home and fired three shots at Bados, killing him.

"All this is part of the repressive atmosphere and actions of the coup government which will not stop oppressing the people, because that's the only way to maintain themselves in power--terrorizing and killing the people," Barahona says.

Barahona also indicated that the de facto government has no popular support, "so no better option remains for them other than killing popular movement leaders, there is no other way for this government to sustain itself."

Bados was a member of the leftist Democratic Unity party and of the Popular Bloc of San Pedro Sula, 250 km north of the capital city of Tegucigalpa, and formerly president of a union of cement-factory workers.

The second victim is Ramón García, 40, who was forced to step down from a bus in which he was riding in Callejones, in the western Honduran department of Santa Bárbara.

The information was confirmed by a UD party leader, Renán Valdés, who said that García "was removed from a bus by persons unknown."

He added that the incident also resulted in wounds for the victim's sister and the wife of his nephew.

Translation mine.

Meanwhile, in Bolivia, the vampires have gruesomely claimed a relative of a leader we know and love:

Marco Guía, attorney for the family of Rufina Morales, aunt of the President of Bolivia, who was found dismembered in June in Cochabamba, denounced on Wednesday that this crime was part of a plan to kill president Evo Morales, hatched by the Croatian-Bolivian mercenary Eduardo Rózsa Flores, who headed an irregular group dismantled by police in April.

"Upon reviewing the antecedents of this crime, I have found evidence of a flagrant attempt to assassinate President Evo Morales, a political vengeance on the part of separatists promoting terrorism," Guía said.

Guía appeared before the public prosecutor's office of the District of La Paz to denounce that "the next victim of these persons' criminal plans will be the President."

He said that the persons who murdered and dismembered Rufina Morales did it as part of a vendetta, as vengeance for the killing of Rózsa Flores and two other militants in a clash with police, and also to send a message.

Among those responsible for the death of Rufina Morales, Guía named a Brazilian by the surname of Rodríguez, recruited in the El Abra jail in Cochabamba, and two Bolivian fugitives hailing from Cochabamba and Santa Cruz.

The victim, in her seventies, was dismembered after her death, according to scientific police investigations.

According to the attorney, "Rodríguez confessed that he dismembered the body of the President's aunt and that it was part of a political vengeance." He connected the killer with the terrorist cell linked to Rózsa.

Translation also mine.

So, it looks like this Transylvanian yucko, Rózsa Flores, is not as dead as we'd devoutly hoped. Someone please issue the Bolivian federales some silver bullets!

Lest all this murder and mayhem get you down, though, fear not--Bina the Vampire Slayer has just the garlic for you, dahlings. I'm told that laughter drives a stake through the fat black hearts of the wicked, so here's a funny item for you concerning a couple of Venezuelan monsters:


Leopoldo Castillo (alias El Matacuras, "the priest-killer") and Alberto Federico Ravell, evil media mogul, try on a winning strategy to woo Barack Obama--Maria Corina Machado's too-short skirts and hard-to-walk-in heels. Hey, it worked for Maria Corina--she got a date with Dubya! Who knew the undead had such nice gams?

PS: To the Hungarian spamtard below, and anyone else thinking of denying what really happened in Bolivia: Fuhgeddaboudit. You're gonna get banned, you're gonna get hung out to dry as a Wanker of the Week (with your e-mail and IP number on display to the world), and no, you're not gonna go unchallenged. You may wanna think twice before you spam this blog with any more of your fascist shit. This entry is now closed to further comments. Thanks, and get fucked!

July 12, 2009

Venezuelan journos menaced in Honduras

According to Aporrea, journalists from the Venezuelan state channel, VTV, and the international Latin American news channel, Telesur, have been detained and threatened in Honduras. Why the Venezuelans, of all people? Because they are the only ones daring to report fully and honestly on the coup a it unfolds. And because, as state-funded journalists, they are automatically presumed to be Chavistas. And as such, they are the "tyranny" of a good example. Can't have that, can we...

Here is some relevant video from the Aporrea report:

The first news reports of the detentions. The journos had their passports confiscated by the "authorities" who, at this time, are no authorities at all, but are shock troops for the coup. The director of Channel 36 in Tegucigalpa recognizes and supports the good work the Venezuelans are trying to do in getting the truth out to a larger world audience. And a human-rights commission member denounces the clear violation of the rights of Hondurans--as well as the foreign reporters trying to do their job.

The Venezuelans have since been released from custody, but threatened--and ordered to leave Honduras by the military regime.

And to see just how uncomfortably complete and honest (and BS-free) Venezuelan reporting on the coup can be, check out this link. Dossier, hosted by the intrepid Walter Martínez, devotes a full hour to the coup events "en pleno desarrollo" (as they unfold). The report notes HUGE demonstrations against the coup (and for the missing Honduran president, Mel Zelaya), with a strong Afro-Honduran and indigenous/mestizo presence; the anti-coup sentiment cuts across all color lines among the middle and lower classes. (It's also worth observing that every one of the coup perpetrators is very oligarchic and very, very white. Not a brown face among them.)

There are reports of beatings and killings which the lamestream (and pro-coup) media are trying to whitewash out (literally!). Since the coup perps have been excoriating the international community for refusing to recognize them as a legitimate government, it's not surprising that they don't want critical, honest reporters in the country. Little wonder, then, that they're picking specifically on the Venezuelans. Among other things, Venezuela has a large number of truly independent journalists among the ranks in its government and socialist-activist groups. Some are bloggers; others work for independent, alternative or community media. But all of them, to a person, are indignant at the removal of a legitimate president from his post in Honduras, especially since said prez is taking leaves from the book of their own popular leader--a man who puts everything, right up to and including the new constitution--to a popular vote, and abides by it.

And of course, the scenes playing themselves out in Honduras are all too reminiscent of something that happened in Venezuela seven years ago. Something that was also not reported accurately or completely by the local right-wing commercial media, but which the people themselves undertook to report when the newspapers and broadcasters refused to do their job.

PS: For a good translation of the Aporrea piece, see Machetera.

PPS: More good info on Zelaya as a politician @ Machetera; helpful backgrounder to the whole Honduran constitutional Schmier @ Harper's.

PPPS: Chavecito has stepped up to condemn the non-government of Honduras. He actually calls the de facto non-president "Goriletti"--"gorila" is an old LatAm expression for right-wing military dictators. Video here.

Hillary lies down with dogs

...and gets up with predictable results. Here's her idiotic, inflammatory interview with an infamous Venezuelan human-rights abuser turned Globoterror presstitute, named Leopoldo Castillo (airing out his muy mal inglés, which I'm sure gave him quite the pitiyanki hard-on):

It's in two parts, so don't forget to click through. If your stomach is tough enough for it, that is. Mine gave out about four minutes in, when El Matacuras (that's Castillo's nickname; it means "priest-killer", for reasons I'll get to shortly) starts getting all unctuous with the leading question of the day.

And of course, Her Royal Clintoness falls straight into his trap. Just as the major US media did (citing only oppo media sources, natch). Shameful.

Clearly Hillary has NO idea what the fuck she's talking about, but what's more important is that she has NO idea who the fuck she's talking TO, either. Here's a little something the major commercial media in Venezuela won't tell you about El Matacuras, starting with a rather crucial photo:


That's El Matacuras during the 1980s, that golden decade for right-wing thuggery in Central America. He's clearly drunk off his ass (a condition he was frequently in, I'm told), and he's flanked by Roberto D'Aubuisson, Salvadoran human-rights abuser and founding father of the fascist ARENA party, and José Napoleón Duarte, often mischaracterized as a centrist (he wasn't; he was also on the far right, just in a different party). This was taken when El Matacuras was Venezuelan ambassador to El Salvador--and when the right-wing governments of the decade were killing nuns and priests and even a well-known archbishop with impunity. During that time, we heard nary a word of boo from the United States; on the contrary, the Reagan/Bush State Dept. called them Great Democratic Leaders, one and all--which of course it would, seeing as it sent in the Marines repeatedly to install them. Machetera can fill you in on all the fun stuff, she's already addressed this (as usual, I'm fashionably late to this particular party.)

Now, I know the State Dept. reads this blog. I've been tipped off by a blogging buddy who spotted them on his Sitemeter--they cruised into his blog from an entry on mine. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if this entry ended up meeting the eyes of HRC her own selfe. So, Hill, I really wanna know--WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING, HANGING OUT WITH THESE FASCIST SCUMBUCKETS? And who are you to prate about the "need" for "press freedom" in Venezuela--which has way more of it than the US does? If FUX Snooze openly called for you to be assassinated, as Globovisión does daily with Chavecito, I think you'd change your tune in a helluva hurry. Haven't you seen The Revolution Will Not Be Televised? (Oh, here. Enjoy.)

So why the double standard, Hill? Why have you morphed into Blondoleezza Rice? Oh yeah, I forgot--it's Venezuela, and this Chávez guy is probably standing in the way of your realizing a better packet of kickbacks from Corporate Amurrica, who aren't profiteering quite as hand-over-fist in Venezuela as they used to do before. Silly me! You're the woman who sold out to Big Insurance back when your hubby was El Presidente de los Estados Unidos, so of course this comes as less of a shock to me than one might think. Your people are still without free universal healthcare. Venezuelans, on the other hand...oh, just read this and weep. What was it you used to advocate for as first lady, again?

If you have any morals left, Hill, you'd do well to stop taking the local presstitutes at their word, and put a country mile (or ten thousand) between yourself and them. Or, as the old saying goes...oh, what was it you get up with again when you lie down with dogs?


Its taxonomical name is Ctenocephalides canis, and I hear it's a real bitch to get rid of. Just ask El Matacuras. He's still got his ears full of 'em.

July 11, 2009

Putting the "Ho" in Honduras

Or maybe the "O-ho!", depending on who you ask. Here's something innnnnnteresting I found at YVKE Mundial:

In the demonstrations taking place today in Tegucigalpa, capital of Honduras, and in the popular organizations, members of the teaching profession, union leaders, and people in general called for the immediate restoration of the legitimate president, José Manuel Zelaya. One of the slogans chanted by the demonstrators referred to a truth seldom mentioned in the national and international media, but which everyone knows well in this Central American country.

Deputies and politicians are now accusing Zelaya of trying to consolidate his stay in power and seeking to modify the Honduran constitution--which is considered "treason against the Homeland" there. The deposed president, kidnapped and violently extradited by a sector of the military, tried without success to hold a popular, non-binding referendum, which was interrupted by the coup d'état on the 28th of June.

The proposal put forth by Zelaya differed greatly from what happened in 1985 when the then-deputy, Roberto Micheletti, called for a constitutional referendum to extend the mandate of the then-president, Roberto Suazo Córdoba.

Specifically, on October 24, 1985, two years after the approval of the prevailing constitution, various parliamentary deputies tried to introduce a proposal calling for a constituent assembly, and for that they solicited the suspension of various constitutional articles, the same which today serve the de facto authorities to legitimize the removal of Zelaya. These articles are numbers 373, 374 and 375, referred to as the "mechanisms for reform and defense of the Constitution".

Translation mine. Emphasis added.

Betcha you had NO idea that this Micheletti guy was such a two-faced little fucker, eh? Accusing Zelaya of doing what he himself tried to do in 1985, presumably for a leader much more to his personal liking. That's called projection, kiddies. I find it appalling, but not a bit surprising, that no major English-language news outlet has broken that rather crucial part of the story. To hear them tell it, he's just the interim de facto blahblahwhatever. You learn nothing about him.

In fact, you probably know very little about this whole story if you pay attention to the lamestream anglo media. They didn't report the earlier probable attempt on Zelaya's life, after all. You might be forgiven for thinking this coup was really bloodless (when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.)

But if you can read Spanish, or if you come here regularly for the innnnnteresting monsters I find and translate, you're in a helluva lot more luck. Because now, I think, you have some idea of why this verrrrrry innnnnnteresting piece of graffiti has appeared in downtown Tegucigalpa:


Gee...is someone calling someone a human rights abuser???

While we're on the subject of human rights abusers, Otto has more here. (Oh hell, why not read his, El Duderino's and BoRev's great golpistaramas while you're at it? I'm still playing catch-up on this whole god-awful buggery.)

July 10, 2009

Festive Left Friday Blogging: That Evo, he's a gas...

And he sure does it for a safety helmet too:


He was there today to inaugurate a gas plant in Santa Cruz. Happily, with nary a fascist or coupmonger in sight.

PS: Still working on trying to restore my comments section...hang in there, kiddies.

July 9, 2009

I'm back, sorta...


Well, here I am again. Same old crappy keyboard and sound card; same old crappy problems on my 15-inch PowerBook, in other words. The crappy repair shop couldn't get new crappy parts to replace the old crappy parts, so I'm stuck. You wanna know the worst part? Turns out, the guy who took 'em in mistyped my phone number, so that someone else got MY messages on their cellphone. I know 2 is next to 3 on the keyboard, but sheesh...does no one double-check? He had my old repair invoice with him, after all...complete with correct number.

And the really fun part? He e-mailed me to let me know things were ready. Or one of them, anyway. (I had no computer from which to receive the good/bad news.)

At this rate, I'm not surprised things turned out the way they did.

However, I'm happy to report (well, kinda-sorta happy, anyway) that the 12-inch baby has a new hard drive, the biggest and best-est it could get, and I'm now reinstalling Nurse Leopard on it to help Dr. Bina bring it back to what it was before it died on me so spectacularly. Wish me luck in getting all the info off my Time Capsule into the machine again...

I'd also like to thank everyone who e-mailed me for the 168 messages (why is it always 168?) in my inbox. If I don't respond to each one individually, now you know why. I'm still trying to read them all. Just know I love you, 'kay?