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How to report the news

Charlie Brooker explains the TV formula for making you feel "informed" without actually being it:

Actually, even with allowances for comedic exaggeration, this is all too true.


Hilarious. You're right, it's also too true.

Have you seen The Day Today and Brass Eye?

Neither of them...but I've heard of the latter.

Pretty funny, and a bit frightening--when you take into consideration that information dissemination in capitalist societies works to reinforce normative assumptions that are debilitating and oppressive. There is a pro forma, ritualistic quality that lulls one in, that inclines one to give the benefit of the doubt to these propagandists of corporate power.

Perceptions are managed, and desires are guided toward passive, consumer behavior that reinforce apathy, fear, and human alienation.

Most people's beliefs are not formed through research and critical engagement--but the are developed and reinforced by rituals. Behaviors and attitudes become habits.

Mass society is akin to a mass herding operation.

That last line is especially true. And it makes me wish people could be more like cats.

No cats don't play that. Homie can't herd cats.

Rodent-type creatures do, however, commit mass suicide on occasion--especially when a dearth of felines creates a rodent population too large for the ecosystem to sustain.

Yep...or when they've got bubonic plague from hanging out with the fleas. (I'm sure it's also no coincidence that plague flourished in Europe at a time when people pretended that their own shit didn't stink while simultaneously burning cats on suspicions of witchcraft.)

Oh, that's sick. Especially the part about the Elvis killer.