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Stupid Sex Tricks: I'll have what she's having

In Catalonia, they do democratic socialism...a little differently:

Yes, that's an actual PSA from the youth wing of the Socialist Party of Catalonia.

Stupid sex comment, at the site: "She's orgasming because the´╗┐ government is fucking her!!" Please thumb this idiot down.


I LOVE BARCELONA! PSC recently sold out though, saying they won't fom a coaltion with the other left parties, which is too bad, though. It used to be the most leftwing of all the Partido Socialista branches in Spain.

That IS too bad. How else can they defeat the right and send the IMF packing if they don't unify and overcome their differences? Spain is really fucked right now.

Yeah, I left right around the time it was about to explode.

On what I was talking about, take a look at this:


(I generally recommend that blog on Spain-related matters)