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Photos du Soir: Seen at Dilma Rousseff's inauguration

Brazil's first female president was sworn in today, but the most interesting photos of the day weren't of Dilma. They were of Hillary Clinton, hesitating over a handshake with you-know-who:


Doesn't it look like Juan Manuel Santos (president of Colombia) and Sebastián Piñera (of Chile) are about to say something? Like, "Don't worry, you won't catch commie cooties"?

But wait...wait...


Aha! Grip 'n' grin accomplished. See, Hill? That wasn't so hard after all!


Wonderful! Love the changes in facial expressions all round. May steal.

Great pics and sense of humour! Reminds me of a quote... "Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt" (Shakespeare). Definitely a step in the right direction after Obamas last meeting with him. However, unfortunately, the rightwing in the US isnt letting Obama conduct a "reasonable" foreign policy except in the most obvious situations. Fear reigns supreme and Reason has abdicated her throne, even when the higher interests of the US are at stake like the stability of the Middle East peace process. The ironic thing is that it doesnt take much effort to conduct good relations with former foes but no politician has the courage to do so. Just a thought.
Have a nice d and g well soon.Cheerio.

Is that lust in Ms Clintons eye? maybe u as a female can tell!

Maybe I as a female won't go there.

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