March 10, 2010

Short 'n' Stubby: Democracy 1, Crapitalism 0


Ms. Manx is back...with some links from a place you probably never think of unless there's a Björk song playing on the radio:

An unprecedented referendum was recently held in Iceland, and confirmed that 93% of Icelanders are not stupid when it comes to money. That's the number that voted against sending any more of their hard-earned kronor out of country to pay for someone else's market gaming. Can you blame them, when the "repayment" scheme amounts to all Icelanders paying a quarter of their family income for the next eight years to foreigners (British and Dutch bankers) who've already robbed them?

The Dutch finance minister, on the other hand, hasn't heard yet that you can't get blood out of turnips. Any Dutch-speaking Icelanders out there wanna go explain it to him, especially the part about democracy?

A Briton writing for the Christian Science Monitor is more realistic, saying his country bears responsibility for its role in the crisis. "Interest well above the market rate" is always a flashing warning sign of a Ponzi scheme, but greedy imbeciles think it's a beacon for their business. They never learn!

Meanwhile, an Icelander writing for the UK Guardian (no doubt trying to reassure Brits that they'll get their mad money back) calls the vote "theatre of the absurd". Someone tell her she's in an extreme minority there. Icelanders, 93% of whom are not stupid, object to their money, their savings, being siphoned off by foreign bankers, who of course are not hurting. (When were they ever? When will they ever be?)

Want to get really, really sick? Read this, and read between the lines. Foreign aid on hold until Iceland cries "Uncle". Blood, stone, lather, rinse, repeat.

And if you want to know what's behind it all, read this Alternet piece. If you smell Uncle Miltie's rotting ideological corpse, pat yourself on the back for having such a good nose.

January 4, 2010

A Bolivarian communiqué from Holland


The Bolivarian Circle of Holland expresses its concern over US bases in Curaçao--ostensibly for combatting drug production and smuggling, but plainly with other uses, especially since the Fourth Fleet has been mobilized by Dubya (and not recalled by Obama!) It should also be noted that Venezuela has been doing a much better job of drug interception within its own borders and waters than it ever did when the DEA was in country, US complaints to the contrary notwithstanding. Report from Aporrea:

The Bolivarian Circle of Holland shares the concern of President Hugo Chávez regarding the mobilization of US troops in Colombia and the rest of Latin America.

Today it was announced that the Dutch Antilles were preparing for increased military support to the United States. Curaçao already has US military bases under an anti-drug treaty in the region; a project which has not attained its objectives because it has not reduced the production of drugs, nor the cultivation of raw materials of drug production, nor drug smuggling.

This union between Curaçao, Holland and the United States only serves to increase imperialist war power in the region, creating a menace to progressive governments who are eradicating social injustice.

We are tremendously worried by this new menace. Regional peace is in danger, thanks to the irrational mobilization of US troops under the complicity of its allies.

The influence of the United States in military dictatorships of the past century was first discounted by the media and the allies of those dictatorships. History demands that the truth be told. US support for dictators was real. That fact was established even by the functionaries of the US itself from that period.

The beginning of the 21st century brings new threats of interference by the government of the United States. The 2002 coup d'état in Venezuela is an example of this. The installation of a civilian-military dictatorship in Honduras is another example of this interference. And the internationally-rejected blockade of Cuba is, as well, another show of imperialist interference by the United States in Latin America.

We add ourselves to the call for peace by President Hugo Chávez. We call on the government of Holland to choose peace and not war.

We also call on the European Parliament to begin an investigation into the military mobilization by US troops on the Latin American continent.

We call on the friends of the Bolivarian process to defend this socialist revolution, as well as mobilize for peace in Latin America.

"Let us unite and be invincible"--Simón Bolívar

Translation mine.

This entry, BTW, marks the first new category I've added to this blog for the New Year. It's called Going Dutch, and it will be about all things from the Netherlands, whether cheesy or (as in this case) patently not. I've noticed from my ClustrMap that I have quite a few readers from there, so let's hope they enjoy this new category.