January 2, 2010

I couldn't agree more


Heh heh.

December 11, 2009

Need feedback, please...

Hey, all. I'm hearing some complaints from regular commenters that their feedback isn't getting through. Would everyone who's commented here before please drop something in the slot below (can be just "test" if you can't think of anything else to say) and help me figure out what's wrong?

Those who also know my regular e-mail address can drop a line there to let me know they "tested", so we'll see how many of those got missed.

Thanks...and here's hoping everyone gets through!

EDIT, 8:07 pm: Cort writes in that he commented. So far, no notification and nothing on my comment management page. Hmmm.

EDIT #2, 8:11 pm: Going through my "spam comments" and finding a lot of non-spams from my friends in there. Clearly resetting my spam threshold for more aggression is trapping a lot of wheat with the chaff. Anything less than 5 days old should still be in there, however...just a matter of time sorting it out. Hang in there, folks!

(And if you commented more than five days ago, feel free to re-comment on the entry in question. I'm gonna try resetting my spam filters to see if that doesn't make a difference, now that the troll I wanted to be rid of is perma-blocked.)

EDIT #3, 9:08 pm: Rescued all the legit comments I could find. If one of yours got lost in the process due to being posted more than 5 days ago, let me know--or just try, try again. Sorry for the inconvenience!

August 18, 2009

Back from the dead yet again


Nope, kiddies, your Auntie Bina isn't a zombie...yet. (She just feels like one. Braaaaaaains!)

I've just had more computer issues--this time, actually, DSL line issues. Brand new wiring, brand new modem, yadda yadda yadda. Your patience appreciated, etc., etc., ad nauseam. Heat and humidity are fucking with my connection--it was 32 C yesterday with a humidex of 40.

(Dang, four days offline and 76 messages? When you're hot, you're really hot--humidex be damned!)

(PS: Anyone got ice cream? Bina no like eating brains.)

July 16, 2009

Excuse me, Bill Clinton has an announcement he'd like to make...


Why yes, Mr. Ex-President, you CAN:





For those who are wondering what all the woot-wooting is about, take a look below this entry (and all the others). My in-frickin-GENIOUS best friend finally figured out what was wrong with the comment settings, and straightened it up for me.

You may now comment. But be warned, trolls will get the same treatment as they did before I went on furlough.

Oh yeah, and before I forget:


July 9, 2009

I'm back, sorta...


Well, here I am again. Same old crappy keyboard and sound card; same old crappy problems on my 15-inch PowerBook, in other words. The crappy repair shop couldn't get new crappy parts to replace the old crappy parts, so I'm stuck. You wanna know the worst part? Turns out, the guy who took 'em in mistyped my phone number, so that someone else got MY messages on their cellphone. I know 2 is next to 3 on the keyboard, but sheesh...does no one double-check? He had my old repair invoice with him, after all...complete with correct number.

And the really fun part? He e-mailed me to let me know things were ready. Or one of them, anyway. (I had no computer from which to receive the good/bad news.)

At this rate, I'm not surprised things turned out the way they did.

However, I'm happy to report (well, kinda-sorta happy, anyway) that the 12-inch baby has a new hard drive, the biggest and best-est it could get, and I'm now reinstalling Nurse Leopard on it to help Dr. Bina bring it back to what it was before it died on me so spectacularly. Wish me luck in getting all the info off my Time Capsule into the machine again...

I'd also like to thank everyone who e-mailed me for the 168 messages (why is it always 168?) in my inbox. If I don't respond to each one individually, now you know why. I'm still trying to read them all. Just know I love you, 'kay?

June 15, 2009

On vacation in an an undisclosed location

First...a little mood music, maestro...

Ah. That's nice.

So, here's the dish, kiddies...your aunt's two babies, PowerBook 12 and PowerBook 15, are gonna be taking a little trip this aft. Never mind where, only keep in mind that when they come back, they'll have been rejuvenated and will be lookin' fine. PowerBook 12's hard drive melted down in spectacular fashion last week during what was supposed to be a routine software update; PowerBook 15, which has also recently gotten a new hard drive, now needs a new keyboard (the S key on this sucker sticks!) and probably a new sound card as well.

Doctor 'Bina has been concerned about the babies' prognosis, but she's thankful for the Time Capsule, which has saved everything from PowerBook 12 and is now doing PowerBook 15 as well, with a little help from Nurse Leopard. She's also pleased that the Time Capsule has enabled her to rescue her music, pix and works-in-progress from PowerBook 12; it's kind of nice to have those on both machines, no?

But in order to have them on both machines, it's paramount to have both machines working. And PowerBook 12 can't work without a functional hard drive, alas. Since I'll be taking both at the same time for repairs, I'll be incommunicado (┬┐incomunicada?) until further notice. And among other things, that means I'll be temporarily closing this blog to comments (gotta keep the spammers and trolls at bay, y'know!) I'll also ask my regular e-mailers to keep it down to a dull roar--I can't read, respond or unclutter my mailbox until I get the babies back, after all.

Yeah, I know--whatta drag.

Don't worry about me; I'll be safe, happy and busy-busy-busy in my garden, and giving the place a long-overdue spring cleaning as well. If worse comes to worst, I'll annoy my cats.

In the meantime, have a few lulz on me:


And I will see you on the other side.

May 24, 2009

One more reason to despise Microsoft

msn-live-cuba.jpg if we all needed one.

Microsoft, the informatic giant founded by Bill Gates, has decided suddenly to cancel its Messenger service to those countries against which the United States maintains a commercial embargo.

Among those affected are Cuba, Iran and North Korea, who have all openly rejected the policies of the US. Also included are Syria and Sudan.

Right now, all cybernauts of those countries trying to log on to the popular Windows program have begun to receive the error 810003c1, which prevents them from going online in Messenger.

"Microsoft has cut Windows Live Messenger IM for all users in countries embargoed by the United States. Microsoft will no longer be offering service for Windows Live in your country," reads the support page in Windows live when anyone looks up the error in question.

Translation mine.

Fortunately, there's an easy way around this: Simply change your settings so that it says you're not in an embargoed country, such as Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria or Sudan. Tell them you're a Canadian. Problem fixed--embargo lifted!

Being a Mac user, however, I prefer to just go on avoiding them and all their endless bugs-disguised-as-features...and feeling damned smug about it.

April 1, 2009

Rackafrackafrickafrack, Chapter 5: Hallefreakinlujah!

So my Time Capsule FINALLY arrived today. Turns out it wasn't shipped from within Canada, or even within North America, but from Shanghai, China. No wonder it took a week to get to me. So much for the "made in California" bit, eh?

Well, one thing hasn't changed, and that's the fact that this device, like all the others, is nutball easy to get up and running. Stick a CD in my Powerbook, plug the thing in to the power supply and plug the Ethernet cable from my hi-speed modem to it, and then get the Network Diagnostics set-up assistant to walk me through it all until finally, the light on the Time Capsule went from flashing amber (indicating something amiss) to solid green (indicating Hallefreakinlujah!)

Plus, one whole terabyte of data storage and backup. No Cloud Beings needed. Suck on that, Bill Gates.

Now, to get writing on that novel again, and back it up to the Time Capsule too. With luck, this draft won't suck like the first one did (although damn, that sucky three-quarters of a first draft had its moments, I must admit.)

And now, even if this computer were to die tomorrow (although it better hadn't DARE!), I won't be quite as lost at sea. Enraged at having to shell out for more repairs, maybe--but data loss won't be so dire.

Dare we hope that with this chapter written, the frickafrack endeth? Let us pray.

March 25, 2009

Rackafrackafrickafrack, Chapter 4

The frustration continues.

Yesterday I ordered a Time Capsule from Apple; I expect it will show up sometime tomorrow, probably around siesta time (knowing MY luck, which is invariably quirky). That's not the source of my frustrations.

This, this is the source of my frustrations:

The day before yesterday, I e-mailed my best friend, who has been nothing but helpful in all the time I've been inheriting his old computers, to see what could be done about all the lost functions from my ailing baby. He was kind enough to burn three DVDs full of stuff for me. There's just one problem: Two of them are on DVD+Rs. Which neither of my computers seems to recognize, though they're technically supposed to (I checked my settings and found nothing to indicate they couldn't). Meaning the contents are absolutely unreadable and uninstallable. I can tell they're on a DVD, but my computers both can't. They just make a few diffident, befuddled little noises from the drive before spitting them back out at me again.

I was hoping to be able to at least copy the DVD+R disks to DVD-Rs on the newer pute and then install their contents to the older one, but that's impossible since it, like its big sister, doesn't think a DVD+R is a data DVD. I'm gonna have to tell my dear buddy, who spent $10 to rush this stuff out to me, that two-thirds of it are inoperable. How frustrating--and how humiliating!

So now comes the next part, in which Bina lays her head on the desktop and cries. Won't be pretty, kiddies. Look away, wouldja please?

UPDATE: Turns out the DVD+Rs were the double-layered kind--which many putes won't read. Including, as luck would have it, both of mine. Sigh--back to Square One.

March 20, 2009

Rackafrackafrickafrack, Chapter 3

Well, my old computer is back home from the shop today...unfortunately, with a reinstalled operating system and NONE of my work saved. My novel draft is as good as gone, and if I want it back, I'll probably have to return to Peterborough to try scavenging the old hard drive again--probably only to be told it's hopeless, as it was this time. Meanwhile, I have to reinstall all my programs, system configurations, etc., from scratch, which I'm SO not looking forward to. I don't have that many hours in a day!

I already tried FireWire-ing my other computer to it, to see if I could at least transfer my MSOffice software, Firefox, etc. Nada! Couldn't even get the hard disks to show up, much less copy anything from the one to the other. What the hell am I doing wrong? The very least two Macs should be able to do is talk to one another, but they won't!

As I recall, this was also the reason I couldn't transfer my works-in-progress from the "old" computer to the "new" one before the old hard drive bit the dust. I gave up without trying it again because I hate having to restart. Which shouldn't be necessary if the damn thing were only working right.

Damn FireWire, syncing, OS "upgrades", the whole pile of shit--worse than worthless for all they tout it so much. If they could only make stuff that works and goes on working, I wouldn't care what it looked like. OS upgrades are just extra bugs, as far as I'm concerned.

To make matters worse, I can't even reset my system preferences on the one I'm using right now, the one that was my stopgap during the Great Crash. I was briefly able to reset them to get the AirPort to work, and now that's no longer functioning either--and when I try to get into System Preferences, the thing gets stuck just as I'm selecting the network. It refuses to remember it, refuses to let me configure anything--it just fucking HANGS. And when I try to force-quit it, it wants to send an error message that, of course, won't get through because I CAN'T MAKE THE FUCKING AIRPORT WORK!!!

So now I'm back to plugging in the hated and hateful Ethernet cable. Which I hate to do, as it's just one more step that shouldn't be necessary.

To say I'm heartbroken, enraged and plain frustrated doesn't even begin to cover it. Why me? Why now? Why my computers, which I've been taking such good care of? Why won't they give me some love? WHY????

March 11, 2009

Rackafrackafrickafrack, Chapter 2

Well, I brought the Big PowerBook to the repair shop in Peterborough today, and a few hours later got a call back from the nice tech-geeks there. Seems the hard drive is going bad, ergo the inability to boot. It will need replacing, and will get it--with a 160-gig one, the biggest they can get for me. (I need all the uncorrupted space I can get in this corrupt old world.)

They'll also have to do a data retrieval, since I have about 140,000 words' worth of unfinished novel on that drive, as well as an aborted false start on a novella (which, frankly, can stay lost for all I care, as long as my big one's saved), plus dozens of short stories, poems, essays, and what-have-you. Gonna cost, kiddies, but it will come to a lot less than I thought; I was sure I wouldn't get away with under $7-800 in repairs. Turns out it will probably come to less than $300, counting the labor and the two layers of sales taxes.

No word yet on when it will be ready; they'll call me when it's done. I guesstimate a week to 15 days.

Big sigh. Big breath.

Now, if it had been the motherboard, I'd have been motherfucked.

I dodged a bullet this time, but all the same, I'm gonna be putting all my works-in-progress onto USB flash drives from now on.

March 10, 2009


Hey, y'all.

Just to let you know I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth--no, worse. I'm experiencing Technical Difficulties again. My handy-dandy ol' 15-inch PowerBook decided to go on the fritz a few days ago. I've just now gotten around to configuring my "new" 12-inch one for the Internets, and the "old" one is going to the shop tomorrow morning, for what I hope will be repairs.

Wish me luck, this one's a pain so far.

October 2, 2008

Gradually returning to form

Hey all--just thought I'd let you know, the repair work is proceeding apace. Geekus Maximus is a better geek than I am, and I'm glad he's my best friend. At this rate, MT will soon be purring under my fingertips like a kitteh.

September 30, 2008

Yes, we are glitching. Thanks for noticing.

You HAVE noticed, yes? Good.

Well, here's the story: My best friend and geekus maximus has helped me improve this site with the latest edition of Movable Type. We did it to help secure the blog against hackers exploiting weaknesses in the original version I was using.

Unfortunately, the latest edition of Movable Type could use some improvements of its own, such as being able to recognize entries created with Tinderbox, which I use to write my entries before uploading them here. It currently doesn't, and we're both still scratching our heads trying to figure out how my last six entries could disappear into the ether (though they still show up on the post count, they aren't counted as current entries, so I can't categorize them or make them show on the main page anymore either), my blogroll became such a mess, and the mysterious date of "December 0000" has shown up in my monthly archives (I suspect that's where the "missing" posts were disappeared to, probably by the Chilean DINA or its Movable Type equivalent.)

For now, it looks as though I'll have to generate my posts on the "write entry" page of MT, which will take some getting used to. It's kind of sad to stop using the old Tinderbox Trainblogging template, which has served me so well up till now, but until we get this glitch straightened out, it looks like I'll have to post the "lame" way. Grrrr.

August 10, 2008

No comment?!

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, commenting has been turned off until further notice. According to my best friend, who's also my geek support, the comments function in my software has developed a glitch (or been victim of a hack?) that causes mysterious, empty "core" files to appear and clog up the server when the commenting is turned on. We'll be upgrading to a new version of Movable Type soon, which we hope will fix the matter. In the meantime, all comments are off. Sorry for the inconvenience!